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December 2023

Next-Gen Tickets: How NF3TIX is transforming Event Access


NF3TIX's Journey with Tangle Design's Expertise in NFT Integration.

In the dynamic landscape of digital ticketing, NF3TIX emerged as a game-changer, redefining the event experience with its innovative use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This case study delves into the transformative journey of NF3TIX, focusing on how Tangle Design skillfully crafted the company's website, branding, and app design. We explore the strategic decisions and creative processes that led to the development of a platform not just for ticket sales, but for building a community around unique, blockchain-powered event experiences.


Building Web3 Ticketing Experiences with NF3TIX on Blockchain

The essence of NF3TIX's opportunity was in its innovative approach to event ticketing using NFT technology, which revolutionized the traditional ticketing process. This platform offered enhanced security, verifiable ownership, and an improved user experience. NF3TIX's ambition was to make ticketing more accessible and reliable by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology, benefiting event organizers and attendees alike.Tangle Design's partnership was pivotal in developing a dynamic brand and digital presence for NF3TIX, effectively communicating its groundbreaking services. They focused on fostering a community centered on a shared passion for events and technology. This collaboration led to the creation of an engaging, intuitive interface, reflecting NF3TIX's innovative spirit. Tangle Design notably handled the web and development aspects of the web & mobile, redefining the event experience through blockchain technology.

"Our vision at NF3TIX is to harness the transformative power of blockchain and Web3 to create a ticketing ecosystem that is not just efficient and secure, but also opens up new realms of possibilities for event-goers and organizers alike."

Ledbetter Blaine, Chief Operating Officer at NF3 Labs

How it was solved

NF3TIX's Blend of Innovation, Teamwork, and Trust.

Faced with the challenge of modernizing event ticketing, NF3TIX embarked on a transformative journey to integrate blockchain and NFT technologies into their platform. The objective was clear: to develop a system that was not only at the forefront of technological innovation but also user-friendly and accessible to a diverse audience. This required a delicate balance between advanced security features, scalability, and ease of use.Collaborating with a team of expert technologists and strategists, Tangle Design successfully created a robust digital platform. This platform revolutionized the ticketing process by offering secure, NFT-based tickets, ensuring a unique and enhanced user experience. The technology developed for NF3TIX not only set a new standard in the event ticketing industry but also demonstrated the potential for wider application in other sectors, showcasing the versatility and scalability of the solution.

Yash Goswami from Tangle Design
"Recognizing the shift in digital trends, we focused on designing solutions that not only aligned with these changes but also set new standards in user experience and functionality."

- Yash Goswami, Product Designer, Tangle Design

NF3TIX Mobile interface

The website of NF3TIX embraces a new visual identity that reflects the company's bold and progressive nature, significantly advancing its visual language. At the heart of this design lies a primary color palette featuring red, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. This is complemented by a secondary palette of black and white, offering a classic and sophisticated contrast. This color scheme, with its blend of primary and secondary colors, provides a versatile framework for storytelling, ensuring that each narrative is conveyed with both creativity and clarity.

We approached the branding of NF3TIX with a keen focus on creating a visually compelling and cohesive identity. Central to this was the development of a unique logo and a suite of branding materials, including visiting cards, T-shirts, and ID cards, all unified by a distinctive red and black pattern. This pattern was not just a design choice but a strategic move to embody NF3TIX's dynamic and innovative approach in the event ticketing industry. We ensured that this pattern seamlessly wove into the website design, reinforcing the brand's identity. The incorporation of custom iconography for different event categories further amplified the user experience, making it intuitive and visually engaging.

The design of the card is thoughtfully crafted to represent the vibrancy and diversity of these events, using abstract elements and a creative layout that captures the essence of each category.

In the typography, Plus Jakarta and Chakra Petch fonts are employed. Plus Jakarta offers a contemporary, clean look, enhancing the modern appeal of the card. Chakra Petch, on the other hand, adds a technical and futuristic feel, aligning with NF3TIX's forward-thinking and innovative approach in digital event ticketing. This combination of fonts contributes to the card's overall aesthetic and effectiveness in communicating the brand's identity.

The black shirt with bold red branding serves as a tangible extension of their identity, while the mobile interface underscores the accessibility and tech-savviness of the service. Each visual element is carefully curated to reflect the forward-thinking mission of NF3TIX, ensuring a consistent narrative across all mediums.


A Better Customer Experience

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“We knew there was disruption happening and we needed help to understand how to get disruption to flow through our business using new ways of working.”

- Ishita Singh

Digital Experience Lead, Tangle

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