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Bring your visions to life, that push businesses & people

At Tangle Design, we always aim to deliver the best for your business. We take an approach to work on your products as if it is our own. Leveraging the power of design and technology, we strive to keep you at the forefront of your industry, delivering unparalleled value to your business and its users.

Expertise in

Product & Brand Design

Digital Product Design (UX/UI)

Build a deeper connections between your brand and your customers through human-centered design.

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Brand Identity Design

Evolve your brand into a strategic instrument to cultivate full potential of your brand for customers & your team.

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App Design (UX/UI)

Cultivate user loyalty and seamless interactions through intuitively designed, engaging app experiences.

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Web Design (UX/UI)

Design websites that seamlessly convert visitors into loyal customers crafted using human-psychology.

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Packaging Design

Craft strategic packaging that commands attention and elevates your brand identity on every surface.

Motion Design

 Infuse your brand with dynamism and emotional resonance through captivating animation and video.

Data Visualization

Transform complex data into clear, impactful stories that inform, engage, and empower your audience.

Design Systems

A unified design language for brand consistency & scalability for design effectiveness across all touchpoints.

Expertise in

Strategy & Research

Brand Strategy

Uncover your brand's essence and architect a robust strategy that propels sustainable growth.

SEO & Content Strategy

Attract, engage, and convert your target audience by crafting strategically optimized content.

Heuristic Analysis

Proactively identify and address usability issues, preventing negative user experiences.

Usability Testing

Validate your design decisions through real-world user testing, gaining valuable insights to optimize performance.

User Research

Uncover the deepest needs and motivations of your users, ensuring your designs are deeply user-centric.

Design Audit

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your existing design, identifying areas for performance improvement.

Information Architecture

Structure your content intuitively for optimal user experience and seamless navigation and product scalability.

Expertise in

Technology & Data

Webflow Development

Build dynamic websites with robust functionality, unshackled by code limitations.

Full Stack Development

Translate intricate digital concepts into reality with expert full-stack development expertise.

Shopify E-commerce

Create frictionless online stores that maximize sales conversion and drive long-term growth.

Product Analytics

Measure, analyze, and optimize your product's performance to take informed decision-making.

CMS Development

Select and implement the ideal content management system to best suit your unique needs and strategic goals.


Industry Versatility

AI & Technology
Enterprise SaaS
Retail & Fashion
Real Estate
Food & Beverages
Health & Fitness
Media & ENT