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Belong and grow. Together.

The meaning of the ‘ tangle' doesn't lie in its name. It lies in the people, the talks, the bonds, and the work culture. Everything is tangled. Be a part of it.

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Vision for the team

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Instead of simply imagining, we're actively building the world's first experience design team where designers are not just designers, but multi-displinary product leaders.

Sarah Shaikh
Lead People at Tangle Design

Culture & Values

Product Obsession

Tangle Design isn't just passionate about products, it's obsessed. This obsession fuels our team to envision, craft, and refine innovative products that transform.

Quest for Curiosity

Here, our collective curiosity drives our collective impact. We adapt, challenge, and innovate, ensuring our solutions remain relevant in a dynamic marketplace.

Speed with Precision

Fast-paced isn't just speed, it's agility. We thrive under pressure, constantly evolving and innovating, where time becomes an accelerant for groundbreaking ideas.

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Take on DE&I

We Design that matters for everyone with everyone.

Our team reflects the vibrant tapestry of the world around us, with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. This allows us to see challenges from different angles, understand the needs of a wider range of users, and ultimately craft solutions that resonate with everyone.